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Texas man facing drug charges after arrest by undercover police

A tip from an out-of-state law enforcement agency alerted authorities in Fannin County to a man suspected of selling large amounts of marijuana. Undercover police officers approached the suspect and arranged to meet him for a drug buy in Grand Prairie. The man targeted by investigators allegedly arrived with 25 pounds of marijuana.

His arrest led to the approval of a search warrant for his home in Fannin County on County Road 2900. Sheriff's deputies reported finding over 15 pounds of marijuana, 84 grams of concentrated THC oil, LSD, drug paraphernalia and Xanax pills. Authorities also claimed to have seized over $15,000 in cash along with silver coins. Deputies reportedly collected multiple AK-47s and AR-15s along with bump stocks and over 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

Some counties tougher on marijuana than others

Two counties in Texas are among those with the highest rates in the country for detaining people on marijuana charges according to an analysis of information from the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data. In both Sterling and Hartley counties, around 42 percent of all detentions are for marijuana, but these are not the highest in the country. In Dooley County, Georgia, they make up 54.5 percent of all detentions while in Hamilton County, New York, marijuana accounted for 43.5 percent of people taken into custody.

According to an article in the Washington Post, in 2017, almost 6 percent of all detentions were on marijuana-related charges. The article also pointed out that there is incentive on a federal level to pursue these types of charges despite the fact that marijuana is legal in several states. Law enforcement is given funding to put together drug task forces, and authorities are also allowed to keep any valuables seized under forfeiture law. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to identify marijuana because of its bulk and strong smell.

Narcotics haul leads to drug charges

On March 29, a search was conducted at a residence in College Station, Texas. During the search, authorities found a variety of drugs, weapons and gang paraphernalia. As a result, a 26-year-old man was taken into custody and charged with the manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance. The event was the end of an investigation that had been going on for more than a year.

Among the controlled substances discovered were 24,000 ecstasy pills, roughly 4 ounces of cocaine and some crack cocaine. There was also marijuana as well as approximately $23,000 in cash. Jewelry that was found at the scene was also taken by authorities. The ecstasy had an estimated value of $242,000 while the cocaine had a combined estimated value of about $3,615. According to authorities, it was the biggest narcotics haul in the history of Brazos County.

Opiates worth $1.5 million seized in Denton drug bust

In early August, 2018, Denton, Texas police announced they arrested two adults, a male and a female, on suspicion of a large opiate prescription drug theft and sales operation. The drugs were pharmaceuticals stolen from various freight shipments bound for North Texas pharmacies.  

The couple sold an undisclosed quantity of drugs to the public. Law enforcement officers seized prescription opiates from the alleged drug dealers valued at around $1.5 million.

Rapper Young Thug has evidence dismissed

Texas fans of rapper Young Thug may be aware that he was indicted on a number of drug-related charges in September 2018. However, the rapper said there was improper conduct in the case, and when he appeared in court on March 21, a judge reportedly agreed.

Three law enforcement officers appeared in the courtroom with their evidence after Young Thug entered a motion to have certain evidence in the case suppressed. One law enforcement officer said the traffic stop that led to the charges against Young Thug was initiated by the fact that the tinted windows on his vehicle violated the law. However, the judge ruled that there was no violation and that the rapper's rights had been violated.

Texas school superintendent facing marijuana possession charge

A routine traffic stop on the evening of March 6 led to a misdemeanor drug possession charge for the superintendent of a major Texas public school district. The man was taken into custody by a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper after less than 2 ounces of marijuana was allegedly discovered in his vehicle. Media reports indicate that he was released from the Robertson County Jail on his own recognizance on March 7.

According to a DPS report, the man's car was pulled over on U.S. Highway 190 about 55 miles from Waco for driving in the passing lane. The trooper says that he became suspicious and decided to conduct a probable cause search of the vehicle after noticing the odor of marijuana.

3 arrested during Texas drug raid

On Feb. 19, Texas deputies took two men and a teenage boy into custody during a drug raid in Marlin. The arrests took place on the 300 block of Durr Street at approximately 5:30 a.m.

According to a press release issued by the Falls County Sheriff's Office, deputies raided the home following an investigation into alleged drug activity in the neighborhood. Upon entering the residence, they found two men, a woman, two teenage boys and multiple children. They also found and seized 9 grams of methamphetamine, several small bags of marijuana, a bottle containing over 390 grams of suspected liquid methamphetamine, various items of drug paraphernalia, a surveillance system, night vision equipment, a .45 caliber handgun, a .22 caliber rifle with a modified barrel, two BB guns and just over $1,000 in cash.

Following DWI arrest, former QB Vince Young says he's not guilty

Texas native and former NFL quarterback Vince Young was arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated in early February, 2019 in Missouri City. However, Young says he is innocent. He made the statement during an appearance at the TRISTAR Houston show. "It's just an allegation," the former Heisman Trophy runner-up said when speaking about the incident.

Young, who first played football at Madison High School in Houston, also responded to the DWI allegations on Twitter by pledging to "make sure this never happens again." He went on to apologize to his family, friends, and fans in the statement he made via social media. After the arrest occurred, the Pro Bowl honoree was booked on $500 bond and subsequently released. This isn't the first time Young was charged with this type of behavior.

Will my marijuana misdemeanor have an effect on college?

During the four or so years of college, many students end up experiencing a wide variety of life lessons. Although college students have significant experience with consequences, they become more serious after the age of 18.

One of the biggest life lessons learned during college surrounds marijuana possession.

Texas traffic stop leads to large drug seizure

A routine traffic stop in Texas on January 18 led to the discovery and seizure of 50 pounds of a substance believed to be cocaine, according to a report from the Fayette County Sheriff's Office. An FCSO representative says that the drugs would be worth about $5 million if sold on the street. A 50-year-old Mexican national has been taken into custody in connection with the alleged drug haul. Police have yet to determine how the narcotics were smuggled into the United States.

According to media accounts, an FCSO deputy with a K9 partner pulled over a Mazda CX-9 on Interstate 10 between Houston and San Antonio for an undisclosed traffic violation. The deputy, who, reports indicate, is a drug-interdiction specialist, says that he became suspicious when the man behind the wheel of the SUV gave inconsistent and contradictory answers to questions about his journey and itinerary. The deputy claims that the man then gave him permission to search his vehicle for drugs.


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