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The Second Chance Law is a Texas House Bill 3016 that was recently signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbot, allowing people convicted of a certain non-violent criminal convictions to have those convictions sealed from their records. Referred to as the "Second Chance" law, it will allow most DWI misdemeanor convictions to be sealed by filing a Motion for Non-Disclosure with the Court, and seeking a subsequent Order of Non-Disclosure. The new law will take effect on September 1, 2017, but will apply retroactively.


"Sealing" a criminal record can be an extremely important tool, and vastly improve a person's chances of obtaining a good job, getting into school, getting an apartment, or even obtaining a loan. Sealing a record will prevent the majority of the general public from being able to see criminal history, and thus improve a person's life dramatically.


Although this new law will help many, many people, not everyone will qualify. To proceed with a Motion for Non-Disclosure (to seal the record), the following must be true:

  1. the person must have been a first-time DWI offender;
  2. the person must have had a blood alcohol level (BAC) of 0.14 or less;
  3. the person must not have been involved in an accident involving another person as a result of operating a motor vehicle under the influence; and
  4. the person must have successfully completed any sentence ordered by the Court, including any DWI program, probation, or jail sentence; and
  5. the person must have paid all court costs and fees.
  • Additionally, the bill imposes a waiting period of:

o 2 years if the person successfully completed a probation period with at least 6 months of driving restricted to a motor vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device as part of the court order, or

o 5 years if there was no interlock requirement imposed by the court.

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Contact our office today to set up a free phone consultation to see if you qualify for this program, and if so, begin the process of sealing your record today! 940-230-2400

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  5. Mr. Tony Ross is an amazing attorney. My son made some poor choices and needed legal assistance. Mr. Ross was able to help us keep him out of jail and the charges off his record. We are forever grateful that our son has a second chance!

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